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Suodak, a new step in the path of eradication of hepatitis C disease

Global statistics show that more than 170 million people around the world are infected with the hepatitis C virus, and according to the World Health Organization report, about 1.5 million new cases of hepatitis C occur every year (1). Although, thanks to the progress made in the field of preventive, diagnostic and treatment methods and technologies, the incidence of hepatitis C has shown a decreasing trend, but still the statistics of hepatitis C infection are still high all over the world, especially in developing countries. , shows a significant number. One of the most important and basic measures in order to realize strategies related to the control and elimination of hepatitis C disease is the timely diagnosis and treatment of this disease.

In the past, treatment methods using interferon drugs were used to treat hepatitis C. Although the use of these treatment methods was widespread for a considerable period of time, on the one hand, the effectiveness of these treatments was not satisfactory, and on the other hand, these treatment regimens were associated with significant side effects for the treated people. After some time, drugs called “direct-acting antivirals” were presented, which were quickly used for the treatment of hepatitis C all over the world due to their favorable effectiveness, availability and easy use.

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